The #PRICELESSJewell Pre-production

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#PRICELESSJewell stage play is now in pre-production in Chicago.  An inspirational story of an African American girl from SanFrancisco waking up in Chicago’s foster care system then finding home in Atlanta, or is it?  An amazing story of strength, endurance, survival, overcoming Chicago hardships, and life beyond foster care.  Highlighting Chicago’s violence today and how it directly relates to the neglected foster care system to center stage.

This play was written in Atlanta, it was also going to be produced in Atlanta as well.  Writing this play was humbling and healing.  My heart goes out to all of the foster youth, former foster youth, and the countless innocent victims of violence and guns in Chicago and Nationwide.   I pray that Priceless will collectively bring together organizations so that the voiceless and forgotten youth will be heard.  I’m blessed to have the courage to be an inspiration,  that #PricelessJewell will bring much needed awareness and collaborative efforts together.  Changing one life through my production is only a dream.


Written & Directed by:  Nafesia Jewell

If you are a defying the odds, I want to hear your story 🙂

If you’d like to contribute to this production through Nafesia Jewell Foundation click here

If you are have a professional talent in film/stage production please email,

Defying the odds!





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