New FOX tv series STAR, giving foster care a platform! (Video)

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Fox’s new series – “Star” created by Lee Daniels, displays the hardships and reflections that real life musicians go through to achieve stardom. Fox new series does a good job in providing insight of the continuous failures of the foster-care system in its needs to find qualified care-givers. Although numerous foster care systems around the world differ, the show displays that the one process that needs continuous work are the methods the foster care system uses to find the right care-givers for children.
This television drama focuses on the strength children develop to overcome the pitfalls of the foster care system in order to achieve stardom. The show does a great job in displaying how such pitfalls can influence the lives of children; whom fall victim to the continuous, unsolvable problems of the foster care system in the form of neglect, and sexual abuse. The show also gives the audience a brief insight of how the foster care system failures can influence homicidal, and suicidal behavior built from the instability of living with irresponsible care givers, as well as, neglectful feelings stemmed from having numerous care givers throughout a child’s life. This series shows how the failure of the foster care system can create a much stronger bond between siblings, whom were brought up differently, but show behavior and lifestyle patterns that reflect on the failures of the foster care system.

The foster care system needs to continuously measure and develop new processes to prevent care givers from using the system for their own personal benefit. If such measurements and changeable actions are not taken, then the foster care system can be responsible for the destruction of a child’s innocence, which would be displayed through a child’s drug-use, criminal behavior, and suicide. It’s understandable the system isn’t perfect, but this new show is a message that it’s societies responsibility to raise and allocate funds to look out for the welfare of its children. Children are the meaning of life, our future.

Check out Star’s official trailer:


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