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Meet Nafesia Jewell … I’m from CHICAGO!

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1459777299904_hyde-park-chicago-combining-intellect-and-culture-featuredChicago, though big and beautiful I can describe it in short as haves and the have not’s.  There is downtown and there’s the North side both look like a completely different state all together, this is the haves.  The have nots is everywhere else in Chicago excluding Hyde Park which is nestled over east, seemingly a little more safe because Obama lives there but if you walk 2 blocks down the street on some ends it’s like  a war zone.

34 different foster homes and group homes gave me a look inside the most filthiest parts of the windy city.  In those days it was war, death, gangs, abuse, just so many killings that I have no pretty picture to paint, sorry I was one of the have not’s.  roberttaylorhomes1965-600In retrospect I also went on home passes to see my Granna whom afforded me the lifestyle and opportunity of a privileged Chicagoan afforded both side of the coin, I know now it was all apart of God’s greater plan on my life.

With all that being said I absolutely love my city, Chicago has the most creative, artistically inclined individual and art in this country, Museums, Art, culture, the best food ever, downtown is amazing, my favorite place of all Lake Michigan that place is just spiritual and calls me back frequently.  I love the people and organizations that are working so hard to make a difference, make change in a city with so much death and despair.

meIt’s hard for me to give you an overview because again there’s just so much but the only think I’m thinking about right now is the surge in murders this week.  When I heard about how many people were killed this week, it wasn’t alarming or surprising and that’s sad.  I lived it, 20 years ago with bullets flying everywhere during those years, on the streets of Chicago, it was a mess.  Of late, I launch a blog site similar to the things on my Instagram.  At the same time finishing up my book about my life as A ward of the state of Illinois, struggling with when and how should I start talking about my book which has been such a struggle because I created a totally new person once I left Chicago and 99% of the people in my life didn’t know I was ever a ward of state.

When I saw the headline AUGUST IS THE MOST DEADLIEST MONTH IN 20 YEARS reported by Abc7Chicago everything click, those were the years that I grew up in the streets of Chicago, again coming back to haunt me, writing my book has been so cleansing, this was confirmation. IMG_2264 I immediately deleted everything on my site, working 24/7 for the past three days writing articles … but more importantly introducing myself.  This experience has been beyond what words can describe, so much to talk about, so ready to have some real conversations.

Check out my article:  Fast forward 20 years – Why Chicago’s foster care system has a direct impact on the 80 murders, 472 shot last Month #Fact

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